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Bringing someone to the shoot, Good Idea or Bad?

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Here we explore the pros and cons of bringing someone to a photo shoot.

Many Times as I'm searching for new models Ill see many say they always bring someone with them, which for me, most times,like 98% of the time is no problem, I personally have never had a problem with someone coming to the shoot. Most times there will never be a problem.

However, there are 2 problem sides to this subject,first we will look at it from the models side and then from a photographers side.

On the models side for those who do bring someone to the shoot, it's very understandable that when you're meeting a new photographer , well, you don't know him, he very well could be a shady photographer ,rapist, killer or flat out pervert, you just don't know, so until you get to develop a trusting working relationship it is and can be very important.

There are many times however a model will say that the person they bring will be very non- intrusive and that will be totally the opposite, I've only had a problem with the model because the person they brought was their boyfriend and he either wasn't wanting her to model or what but he kept disagreeing with poses and wardrobe choices which I wanted to go can you guys like go talk about it or get out,LOL,but there are cases where sometimes just have a person sitting there can make it awkward especially if they don't say anything, I always try to put them to work,lol.

Now on the Photographer side there is almost the same side, if a model brings someone to the shoot, and while I don't hear many cases of it, who's to say that that model and that person who they bring doesn't hold you up and steal your money and/or equipment? I'm sure it happens.

In some cases a photographer might assume the model is coming alone and its kinda like a surprise when there's another person with them,sometimes the place of shoot might not accommodate for an extra person. I at the time was shooting in a small hotel and the guy was sleepy from driving so while we shot he slept on the couch, problem was I wanted to use the couch so it made less space to shoot. Sometimes the photographer tries to build a working relationship with the model and a third person might make it harder to do so.

Keep in mind these are just some bad scenarios and situations but BEFORE you schedule a shoot one should discuss if someones coming or if it might be a problem, with some models and photographers it's a deal breaker,but all particulars should always be discussed before the shoot.

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